Whirring pensively, the robot shook his head no. The crash had been the least traumatic part of the whole affair, really, and them being stranded on Earth wasn't just a function of their ship being wrecked. A sun and the number 13 appeared- thirteen days ago. Thirteen days since the ship had smacked into the beach. Kellan was still recovering from stasis and they were both suffering the adjustment. BB smiled widely to reassure his new friend he wasn't upset, reiterating the point on the screen.


"13 days." Woody commented to himself. He frowned despite the alien’s reassurance that he was fine. "I’d be very confused if I were in your shoes." The warlock really empathized with BB. It wasn’t easy to be thrown into a world you didn’t understand. To expect answers and go seeking them despite any danger that may stand in your way. "Are you alone?" The projection of the ship had shown two people, but that could have just been how the picture always looked, no matter how many passengers there had been in reality.

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are you telling me there aren’t giant talking cats and mice where u guys live


BB nodded again, delighted in the earthling's interest and approval. He made a few happy whistling noises and bounced a little on the spot. A small cartoon of a crashing flying saucer was now displaying on the screen, which fell onto a surface, cracked in half and spawned two little figures. It didn't look much like the ship he'd arrived on at all, but he'd studied Earth perceptions and predictions of alien life carefully to be the most comprehensible he could.


"A space ship - Yours? Cracked like an egg." Woody added commentary to BB’s demonstration. "You crash landed!" It felt a little like he had won at charades. A very long game of charades. "So, you’re an alien." He had wondered about the wings and the fact he had blushed green. It wasn’t the kind of thing you asked about though, not really. It was almost like asking someone why they had a nose or bellybutton. "Well, I mean, The Isle isn’t the worst place on Earth to fall." If you weren’t human, that was. "How long ago? That is, of course, if you want to talk about it. If not, that’s perfectly fine. I understand completely. It must have been frightening and confusing and-" He hated when he rambled.


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