Warlock. Performs magic. BB notec the species name down in his data banks carefully, whilst keeping rapt attention on his new friend. He made the same nose of curiosity again, eager to see the sort of act Woody would be able to perform with his magic. For a moment he thought about what he'd managed to glean of Earth culture, before the screen flared with a cartoon of Woody, dressed in a hat and tails and holding a magic wand. He looked excitedly between the screen and the boy for confirmation.


Woody didn’t understand beeps, though so far he had been lucky in guessing what most of them meant. “I’m sorry, I don’t-” A dancing image of what the warlock supposed was himself in a magician’s outfit stole his attention. “Oh my-” A chuckle escaped before he could stifle the urge to laugh. “No, no.” He shook his head with a good-humored grin. “That’s - Well, that’s human magic. is how I would put it, I guess. It’s not real.” A demonstration seemed the only way to really show what he meant. “Um, let’s see.” The warlock shoved a hand into his messenger bag and rooted around before finding what he was looking for: a pen. An ordinary ballpoint pen. He showed it to BB, even going so far as to take the cap off and scribbled on the back of his own hand to show it was real. A few moments of glowing stationary later and Woody held a rose. It was still pretty magician-esque, but he had been under pressure. One had to understand. “Here you go.” He offered the flower to his new friend. “Magic~”


"I do magic. and stuff."

makes me laugh though

BB nodded in agreement- it was nice to meet Woody, nicer than he'd had a right to hope after the last aliens he'd met, back on Absedia. Raising a finger, he touched the centre of his new friend's chest gently and tilted his head, making a noise of curiosity, accompanied by a question mark on the screen.


Woody looked down to the finger as it poked the front of his shirt, and then back to the poker. A question mark was pretty vague, though at the same time, there was a universal sense of curiosity behind it. “I’m Woody.” He repeated, unnecessary as it probably was. “I live here in town. I have for a few years now.” What were the important details? “I’m a warlock. Kind of.” He rarely added the kind of anymore. It lead to too many questions. “I’m not entirely sure what you want to know.” he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “I do magic. and stuff.” 


Luke Wilson goes in for the selfie on 53rd street!


That night, my quiet slumber was interrupted by another phone call…”

Clara: 6, 19, 22, 25, 35, 37, 48, 50, 54

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Randy: 67 52 75 83

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